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Adobe Illustrator on the iPad

I’m enjoying playing with the new Adobe Illustrator on the iPad. I’m still only scratching the surface, but it’s really nice being able to do Illustrator-y sort of stuff away from the big computer desk (ie; in the garden, down the park, or on the sofa in front of the telly).

The iPad version seems really good for getting a more spontaneous, free-flowing sort of drawing style. Working at the desktop is all about being really careful and precise with your Bezier curves and your kernings, and so on – but being able to get away from the desktop makes it easier to sketch from real life, and it seems to encourage a more freer kind of drawing style. I like being able to cut out big flat chunks of colour very quickly with the pen tool.

Hoping I can integrate it into my professional workflow soon (Time  Away from the Big Desktop = Good).

I just need an even bigger iPad now. An A2 size iPad would be nice.

Here’s a couple of early sketches I made. #illustratoronipad

Drawing Illustration Personal

Clive the Clever Cyclops

Clive is a very clever cyclops.

Drawing sketches

Tractor! In Shropshire!

I’ve been trying to sketch this tractor for the past two days, but people kept putting their tents up right next to it. I didn’t want to be the weird awkward guy standing there, staring at a tractor, right in front of the campers’ tent personal spaces. Finally, I got my chance this afternoon, while they were out mountain-biking.

Drawing Personal sketches

Slime and Netflix

Drawing ipad Personal

Xbox Controller and Banana

Sunday morning still-life fun.

BSL Drawing Personal sketches


I’ve been meaning to make a correction to the coffee image, but I ended up doing the whole alphabet instead. Mainly because I probably just need the practice. I’m thinking it might be nice to make a font out of this eventually – so I can type-finger-spell.

(I’ve probably still managed to get some of these wrong)

p.s. See if you can spot the (obviously deliberately) missing letter.

Drawing Illustration

Elephant! In Nantes.

Recently we went on holiday to France. It was great! The highlight, for me, was Nantes, which seems to be a really quirky, fun little city. I loved following the green line and finding all the art installations and exhibitions that were going on. In fact, I almost want to run away and start my own little bijou animation-design studio business out on the island, but, (A); I am the world’s worst business person, and (B); I am also the world’s worst speaker of French. I can’t even speak Breton. And (C); I probably wouldn’t get any work done, because I’d be too busy trying to get a ride on the elephant.

Anyway, I digress. I really enjoyed exploring Nantes, and I think everyone’s favourite bit is Les Machines de l’ile. I couldn’t afford any of the expensive tourist tat though, so I’ve decided to draw my own.

Drawing Personal

Marathon Training Update

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately.

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Drawing Illustration Personal


In 7 weeks time, I shall be running in the London Marathon. Eek!

With the snow interrupting my training regime this week, I decided to draw a picture instead, to try and motivate myself. I’ve also been re-reading Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic recently, which might explain the Death character popping up.

(p.s. I’m raising sponsorship for National Deaf Children’s Society. Any contributions will be most gratefully received! 🙂 )

(disclaimer: I might not actually win, but I promise I will try my best)

BSL Drawing Illustration

See Hear Weekend 2018

BBC See Hear were kind enough to let me to draw all over their stuff again. 🙂

Here is a poster I made for their See Hear Weekend in Bristol. (The itinerary looks amazing and I wish I could go. Especially the Aardman workshops!)