Animation Drawing

Bee Detective

Recently I’ve finished work on a series of animations for a live theatre production called Bee Detective, which is produced by Tin Bath‘s Gemma Fairlee, and Sophie Woolley. Gemma directed, and Sophie wrote the script, and performs the main character.

I’m really pleased with the work I did for Bee Detective. It was all bit of a blurry forced march towards the end, but, with much relief. the deadline was made.

While I was lost in a sleepless world of animated bees, somehow squeezed into the narrow gaps in space-time,¬†between my dad duties, my full-time job at SquintOpera, and fighting off a persistant cold/flu bug; it was hard to be aware of what else was going on around me. One of the things that happened was that Sophie had managed to injure herself in a cycling accident, and hence had to swap roles with Gemma. I’m sure lots of other things were happening too, but it was all a bit of a blur.

I haven’t been able to see the live production yet, I’m hearing really good things about it, and the photos look fantastic. I can’t wait to see it when it comes to London in the Autumn. In the meantime, here are some portraits of the main characters.

Sophie Bee, flying around with a magnifying glassHRH Queen Bee, flying, accompanied by 6 drone bees

General Destructor, wearing a military uniform, and looking very pompous


Life Drawings

More stuff saved from my laptop drive. These are from the year 2002! I think these are still some of the best life drawings I’ve ever managed to do. I remember having a great time drawing them, and learnt a lot about anatomy.



Sally’s Feet

Just found this blast-from-the-past on my laptop; a scan from one of my old sketchbooks. Here are Sally’s feet, as drawn in a park in Budapest, on a hot and sunny day.

Drawings of feet in a sketch book