Adobe Illustrator on the iPad

I’m enjoying playing with the new Adobe Illustrator on the iPad. I’m still only scratching the surface, but it’s really nice being able to do Illustrator-y sort of stuff away from the big computer desk (ie; in the garden, down the park, or on the sofa in front of the telly).

The iPad version seems really good for getting a more spontaneous, free-flowing sort of drawing style. Working at the desktop is all about being really careful and precise with your Bezier curves and your kernings, and so on – but being able to get away from the desktop makes it easier to sketch from real life, and it seems to encourage a more freer kind of drawing style. I like being able to cut out big flat chunks of colour very quickly with the pen tool.

Hoping I can integrate it into my professional workflow soon (Time  Away from the Big Desktop = Good).

I just need an even bigger iPad now. An A2 size iPad would be nice.

Here’s a couple of early sketches I made. #illustratoronipad

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