I’ve been meaning to make a correction to the coffee image, but I ended up doing the whole alphabet instead. Mainly because I probably just need the practice. I’m thinking it might be nice to make a font out of this eventually – so I can type-finger-spell.

(I’ve probably still managed to get some of these wrong)

p.s. See if you can spot the (obviously deliberately) missing letter.



Trying to improve my hand drawings. And count to 12 at the same time. Preliminary sketches below….


C is for… Cat!


“C”, is for, “Cat”, of course. And, “Castle”. And, “Cream”. And, “Cushion”. And, “Crown”. And, “Chain”. And, “Claws”.

It’s hard to stop thinking of things that begin with a, “C”, now.

N is for… North Pole!


The North Pole is very cold and dark. Deaf Inuits had to dispense with mittens and invent special gloves in order to sign at each other.

W is for… Witch!

Witch! Or Wand? Or Worm?… So many potential Ws.

This is a┬ápertinently Halloween-themed sign-letter drawing. W is the most difficult letter of the alphabet to draw. It’s all those fingers sticking out all over the place.


Here’s another witch, but I didn’t think she was characterful enough to make the final cut.