Elephant! In Nantes.

Recently we went on holiday to France. It was great! The highlight, for me, was Nantes, which seems to be a really quirky, fun little city. I loved following the green line and finding all the art installations and exhibitions that were going on. In fact, I almost want to run away and start my own little bijou animation-design studio business out on the island, but, (A); I am the world’s worst business person, and (B); I am also the world’s worst speaker of French. I can’t even speak Breton. And (C); I probably wouldn’t get any work done, because I’d be too busy trying to get a ride on the elephant.

Anyway, I digress. I really enjoyed exploring Nantes, and I think everyone’s favourite bit is Les Machines de l’ile. I couldn’t afford any of the expensive tourist tat though, so I’ve decided to draw my own.

My Marathon Kit

I’m running in the London Marathon tomorrow. To try and calm my nerves a bit, I’ve been drawing some of the things I have to take with me.

I’m running for National Deaf Children’s Society. Massive thanks to everyone who has sponsored me – I never expected that I’d be able to raise the amount I have. There’s still time to donate if you haven’t already.

Either way, you’re more than welcome to point and laugh at me tomorrow, puffing my way around London. 

The Latest, in a Very Occasional Series of Interesting Posts About My Exciting Marathon Training

It’s less than three weeks to go to the London Marathon, for which I have been training since November. This should be the start of my tapering, but I’ve actually been on a sort of involuntary tapering programme now, for the past 3 weeks, due to mashed knees.

I’ve decided to transfer most of my remaining training sessions to cross-training in the gym, to try and give my knees a chance to heal in time for the marathon start. I’ve also read on the internet that aqua-jogging is supposed to be quite good as well, so I went and spent 30 minutes jogging on the spot in the local swimming pool this morning. It’s like a poor man’s equivalent of Mo Farah’s underwater treadmill. It does feel quite silly.

I hate going to swimming pools, mainly because of the logistics of it all, and the having-to-remember-stuff that goes with it. There’s always something I forget, be it towel, trunks, goggles… Today it was 20p for the lockers, which I had to scam from the lifeguard. So humiliating.

Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of me attempting to aqua-jog. Please sponsor me here: https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/JamesMerryTenMillion (if you haven’t already!) 🙂



In 7 weeks time, I shall be running in the London Marathon. Eek!

With the snow interrupting my training regime this week, I decided to draw a picture instead, to try and motivate myself. I’ve also been re-reading Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic recently, which might explain the Death character popping up.

(p.s. I’m raising sponsorship for National Deaf Children’s Society. Any contributions will be most gratefully received! 🙂 )

(disclaimer: I might not actually win, but I promise I will try my best)

How to Run

I am now three weeks into my OFFICIAL London Marathon Training Programme. As you can see from my diagram below, I’ve been working very hard.

I am running mainly for self-serving glory, and mid-life-crisis reasons, but I am also going to try and raise some money for the National Deaf Children’s Society. I have a pink branded vest to prove it!

Any donation will be very gratefully received, and will also help me to run faster. Thanks!