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Comic Attempt

Having failed in my attempt to catch up on last month’s, “Inktober”, I shall now attempt to fail at, “30 Comics November”. Here’s my first attempt out of what might well turn out to be one. In other news, I’ve cut my Indian ink with a cheaper brand, and it seems have gone really runny.

Drawing Illustration Personal


Noodling about


D?or-Hord Drawing Illustration

Teeth Tyrant!

Yay! Hana Videen has written another Deor Hord post (with an illustration by me! double yay!)



D?or-Hord Illustration Personal


Hana Videen has just posted her latest medieval bestiary translation! (with my drawing of a giant flying jellyfish type thing). Go and read it here!



Drawing Illustration inktober Personal sketches

Inktobers 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31

Yay! I’ve done them all now. “Burn”, is possibly a bit not-so-good, and “Friend”, is maybe a bit cheesy and un-halloweeny, but I’ll live with it. I did two, “Surprises”, too. Surprise!

So, now I need to catch-up with the Bestiary!

inktober2016_27_creepy inktober2016_28_burn inktober2016_29_surprise_1 inktober2016_29_surprise_2 inktober2016_30_wreck inktober2016_31_friend

Drawing Illustration inktober Personal

Inktobers 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26

Nearly caught up, still about half a week behind…

inktober2016_20_squeeze inktober2016_21_big inktober2016_22_little inktober2016_23_slow inktober2016_24_dozen inktober2016_25_tiredinktober2016_25_box

Illustration inktober Personal sketches

Inktobers 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19

Still playing catch-up…

inktober2016_15_relax inktober2016_16_battle inktober2016_17_wet inktober2016_18_escape inktober2016_19_flight

D?or-Hord Illustration


Here’s the latest D?or-Hord bestiary illustration! It’s an Elp!

Drawing Illustration Personal sketches

View Over the Great Courtyard at the British Museum, from the Members Room

Last night I ran around the British Museum in a blind panic trying to find something to draw before closing time. There’s too many amazing things to look at! I can’t make up my mind! So I went and had a beer in the members room to try and calm myself down for a bit, and I saw this.


Illustration Personal sketches


It’s very hard not to look a bit pensive and/or cross in a self-portrait.

Watercolour and ink sketch.

James Merry