Inktobers 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31

Yay! I’ve done them all now. “Burn”, is possibly a bit not-so-good, and “Friend”, is maybe a bit cheesy and un-halloweeny, but I’ll live with it. I did two, “Surprises”, too. Surprise!

So, now I need to catch-up with the Bestiary!

inktober2016_27_creepy inktober2016_28_burn inktober2016_29_surprise_1 inktober2016_29_surprise_2 inktober2016_30_wreck inktober2016_31_friend


It’s very hard not to look a bit pensive and/or cross in a self-portrait.

Watercolour and ink sketch.

James Merry

Dēor-Hord: A Medieval and Modern Bestiary

I’m helping to illustrate Hana Videen’s new blog, Dēor-Hord: A Medieval and Modern Bestiary. Woohoo!

I’m completely fascinated by any kind of history, so I’m really excited to be involved with Hana’s new blog. It’s about how medieval artists had to try and visualise exotic animals based on travellers’ (possibly exaggerated) descriptions, without having actually seen the real animals… with interesting results!

If you want to know more, Hana can write a much better description of what Bestiary is, than I ever can. So go read it!