In 7 weeks time, I shall be running in the London Marathon. Eek!

With the snow interrupting my training regime this week, I decided to draw a picture instead, to try and motivate myself. I’ve also been re-reading Terry Pratchett’s The Colour of Magic recently, which might explain the Death character popping up.

(p.s. I’m raising sponsorship for National Deaf Children’s Society. Any contributions will be most gratefully received! 🙂 )

(disclaimer: I might not actually win, but I promise I will try my best)

How to Run

I am now three weeks into my OFFICIAL London Marathon Training Programme. As you can see from my diagram below, I’ve been working very hard.

I am running mainly for self-serving glory, and mid-life-crisis reasons, but I am also going to try and raise some money for the National Deaf Children’s Society. I have a pink branded vest to prove it!

Any donation will be very gratefully received, and will also help me to run faster. Thanks!  


Comic Attempt

Having failed in my attempt to catch up on last month’s, “Inktober”, I shall now attempt to fail at, “30 Comics November”. Here’s my first attempt out of what might well turn out to be one. In other news, I’ve cut my Indian ink with a cheaper brand, and it seems have gone really runny.