C is for… Cat!


“C”, is for, “Cat”, of course. And, “Castle”. And, “Cream”. And, “Cushion”. And, “Crown”. And, “Chain”. And, “Claws”.

It’s hard to stop thinking of things that begin with a, “C”, now.

N is for… North Pole!


The North Pole is very cold and dark. Deaf Inuits had to dispense with mittens and invent special gloves in order to sign at each other.

W is for… Witch!

Witch! Or Wand? Or Worm?… So many potential Ws.

This is a┬ápertinently Halloween-themed sign-letter drawing. W is the most difficult letter of the alphabet to draw. It’s all those fingers sticking out all over the place.


Here’s another witch, but I didn’t think she was characterful enough to make the final cut.


H is for… Hat!



…Or helicopter?


This alphabet stuff is getting more complicated than I thought it would…


O is for… Octopus!


Not sure about this one…. I’ll sit on for a bit and see what I think in a few days time…

I did try a more “anatomically correct” version of the octopus (below), but everyone in my family seem to prefer the octopus with the silly mouth. Boo to anatomically correct(er) octopuses!