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B is for… Binoculars

Ok, I know I’m going to have to come back and re-do this one, in order to shave Sailor Bob’s Beard off. Also binoculars might be a bit over-ambitious. Maybe it really needs to be something else that begins with a B (a bee?). I’ll let it go for now though!


Here is an earlier, less Captain Birds-Eye-y version of the sailor. It’s a tricky one getting the facial hair just right on this.



Bee Detective Trailer

I’ve just finished work on the new teaser-trailer animation, for Bee Detective. Bee Detective is a new Cultural Olympiad funded interactive performance for children, written by Sophie Woolley, and directed by Gemma Fairlie.

This is just a practice run though really. The real work starts now, for the animation to be included as part of the actual show. Watch this space!

In the meantime, here is an exploded diagram of a very important bee.

Exploded diagram of Sophie Bee's animatable elements
Exploded diagram of Sophie Bee's animatable elements