People! In a Hot Tub!

I don’t really understand the appeal of sitting in a hot tub, when I can just have a quick shower – but that’s just my own weird quirk. It does mean that the occupants will sit still enough for me to try and sketch though. Yay for hot tubs then! (Hope they won’t mind me posting this on the internet)

Tractor! In Shropshire!

I’ve been trying to sketch this tractor for the past two days, but people kept putting their tents up right next to it. I didn’t want to be the weird awkward guy standing there, staring at a tractor, right in front of the campers’ tent personal spaces. Finally, I got my chance this afternoon, while they were out mountain-biking.

Car Doors

I used to think that if I could ever get myself a DeLorean, I could just leave the doors open, and it would be able fly around like an aeroplane. It doesn’t seem to work so well on a Ford Focus though.