The Latest, in a Very Occasional Series of Interesting Posts About My Exciting Marathon Training

It’s less than three weeks to go to the London Marathon, for which I have been training since November. This should be the start of my tapering, but I’ve actually been on a sort of involuntary tapering programme now, for the past 3 weeks, due to mashed knees.

I’ve decided to transfer most of my remaining training sessions to cross-training in the gym, to try and give my knees a chance to heal in time for the marathon start. I’ve also read on the internet that aqua-jogging is supposed to be quite good as well, so I went and spent 30 minutes jogging on the spot in the local swimming pool this morning. It’s like a poor man’s equivalent of Mo Farah’s underwater treadmill. It does feel quite silly.

I hate going to swimming pools, mainly because of the logistics of it all, and the having-to-remember-stuff that goes with it. There’s always something I forget, be it towel, trunks, goggles… Today it was 20p for the lockers, which I had to scam from the lifeguard. So humiliating.

Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of me attempting to aqua-jog. Please sponsor me here: (if you haven’t already!) 🙂


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