W is for… Witch!

Witch! Or Wand? Or Worm?… So many potential Ws.

This is a¬†pertinently Halloween-themed sign-letter drawing. W is the most difficult letter of the alphabet to draw. It’s all those fingers sticking out all over the place.


Here’s another witch, but I didn’t think she was characterful enough to make the final cut.


B is for… Binoculars

Ok, I know I’m going to have to come back and re-do this one, in order to shave Sailor Bob’s Beard off. Also binoculars might be a bit over-ambitious. Maybe it really needs to be something else that begins with a B (a bee?). I’ll let it go for now though!


Here is an earlier, less Captain Birds-Eye-y version of the sailor. It’s a tricky one getting the facial hair just right on this.